Security Mentality

“Security is first. Everything else can come after.”


Security Mentality

The real hacks are unknown. 

Everything Is Unlocked

Defaults, security unchecked, certificates not issued, etc., are what hackers are looking for.

Lock Everything First

Everything must employ confidentiality, integrity, and availability where applicable.

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Offensive Security Always

The best hacks are revealed after damage has been done. Find the vulnerabilities before black hats.

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Defensive Security Is A Given And Requirement

Endpoint detection and protection on every device is the only way to secure an environment.

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Find The Beginning Of Your Information Flow

Even your leads must be protected. A single point of entry is all that is needed to begin an exploit.

Tried And Tested Software Always

There are always preferences. The option should never be something that is not secure.

Being Secure For Real

Become confident in your business’s security.

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Employ Real-world Security

Securing PCs and some printers is not a solution anymore. Today, tablets, phones, IoT, blockchains, virtual networks, among others, need to be secured.

Full-security Stack

360° security is the only option. Closing all openings closes all threats. That should be the foundation of any business's cyber security architecture.

Security Mentality
Compliance Officer

Assistance With Compliance

Compliance requires several parts. Once an environment is secured, it requires documentation, among others, to meet various compliance requirements.

Security At Every Step

100% (virtually) security exists only when 100% visibility has first taken place.
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