Data Security

First, information is data that has been converted to have meaning. Therefore, all information is based on data. Not securing data is obviously a sure way to get hacked. Furthermore, all companies have data, and no company is invulnerable to having its data stolen, corrupted, etc. “McDonald’s said [in early June 2021] it, too, was affected by a data breach, which exposed private information of customers and employees in South Korea and Taiwan.” Additionally, “A data breach at US healthcare provider Wolfe Eye Clinic has potentially exposed the personal data of half a million past and present patients … February 8, 2021.” Clearly, data security is critical for a plethora of reasons. More specifically, each company will vary in the tools, methodologies, and processes used to secure its data. For example, Exchange 365 is secured differently than Gmail (Google Workspace). Nonetheless, both are secure email platforms. What is more, Exchange 365 (or Gmail for that matter) must be configured properly in order to meet compliance, such as HIPAA, CMMC, PCI, etc.

Data can come in forms that are almost unnoticeable to protect. A good example is a person’s Bitcoin address. All Bitcoin transactions
Having the ability to protect your company’s data will ensure the company’s information is secure. If you have any questions or would like an assessment regarding your data security requirements, please contact us.

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