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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Continuity

Information Security as a Service is a service that we provide in order to ensure your cyber security needs. We assess your systems and work with you to ensure that your systems are protected.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability compliance requires multiple components. Based on your needs, we can create a path for your medical facility to achieve compliance.

DISCONNECT INFECED SYSTEMS from the network first. After that, keep an exact image of all infected systems. These are crucial steps to recovery and forensics. Lastly, restore to a clean environment. We can build you a disaster recovery plan and more if you are not able to achieve the aforementioned steps.

Backup schedules are critical to setting initial expectations of backups. However, there are many more aspects to backups. Click here to find out more regarding backups and disaster recovery

Technology continuously changes. Operating systems, such as Windows Server and Ubuntu stop providing security updates, among others, for older operating systems. It is important for organizations that are looking to mitigate/prevent cyber threats ensure that all their operating systems have software support.

Restarting does not necessarily fix an issue. With that said, shutting down a computer clears cache. This can fix problems, but it is important to have your systems checked if they are acting outside the norm.

Simply, yes. Of course, not all systems require the most robust suite of tools. It is important to note that the proper antimalware tool is dependent on the system that needs protection. We can help design your security stack.

No, managing a business’s cyber security is not difficult. However, a single open weakness or vulnerability makes an environment nonsecure. Every networked device, hardware, equipment, physical documentation, etc. must be secured in order for proper managing to begin. We can help.

Cyber criminals cannot use their identity. This multitrillion dollar industry requires the credentials of innocent people. There are many other reasons as well, but this reason’s only requirement is to be a real person, i.e., anyone. 

Everything! More specifically, best security practices must be applied where applicable. This is why CSaaS is essential to all businesses. Today, every business needs technology. Inarguably, all technology needs security to function properly. Security is confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA).

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