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Information Security as a Service

We Are Experts

Our team has secured information systems in combat zones, disaster stricken areas, pandemics, etc. We understand that your secure environment must also meet certain compliance.

Full Security

Black hat hackers need a single open vulnerable or weak point to cause damage. Our experts eliminate or mitigate weak points.


Empowering your Security.

The backbone of WeCcode is security. Security is second to none for us.


To end cyber crime one endpoint at a time


To protect your systems and assist with your cyber security needs

Cyber Security
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Security Mentality For All

We are security experts. However, that alone does not help organizations fight cyber crime. We love teaching employees how to maintain their areas secure. We believe in both top-down and bottom-up approaches when it comes to hardening systems/environments. Give us technology, and we will tell you how to secure it. Are you ready to have a security mentality?


WeCcode Compliance

We live in the always. We design secure systems 100 percent of the time. As we have mentioned, security is second to none for us. Compliance is just as important to us. Whether you need PCI DSS compliance for one office or HIPAA risk assessments for multiple facilities throughout the United States, we are here and would love to be part of helping your organization achieve its required compliance(s).

Attack and Defense

Security Strategy With The Best Tools On Earth!

We use defensive and offensive cyber security practices in order to give you complete security.  Sometimes, one product is not better than the other. In this case, both defensive and offensive security are equally important. Make sure your business is employing both.

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