Fighting Killware

Malware that is directly responsible for killing people is KILLWARE.

Fighting Killware

Anti Killware Stack

Stopping Killware

Ransomware in medical facilities can cause more than lost data. Unequivocally, ransomware and other forms of malware in medical facilities, among others, are already responsible for lost lives. WE ARE ON A MISSION TO PREVENT KILLWARE. ARE YOU? 

Ransomware attack might have caused another death

"... Prosecutors in Cologne, Germany, opened a negligent homicide investigation [in 2020] in the case of an ailing woman who was turned away from a hospital in the grips of a ransomware attack and died on the way to another hospital. ..."

Text sign showing Cyber Hygiene. Conceptual photo steps that computer users take to improve their cyber security.

Offensive Security Is Not A Given

Continuously scanning and hardening your systems are a must. Threat hunting and responding are even better.

We work with you so you are never in the dark when it comes to the cyber security of your systems.

You MUST begin by securing your power distribution architecture and end with a complete backup and disaster recovery plan. Most importantly, the cyber security posture/IT Governance must be complete as well.


WeCcode Security

Whether you need occasional cyber security consulting or a SOC with 24/7 support, we are your best choice.

SentinelOne Helmet


Hackers fear this helmet. There is a reason for that. We will configure this XDR or others of comparable efficiency.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Google Cloud Platform has everything from Identity management to Kubernetes engines. Also, it's Google.


Electronic life support systems, and other systems in medical facilities require power backups and redundancy.

Are Your Systems Actively Fighting Killware?

We have a security stack that is continuously tested, employed in real-world environments, and highly effective at preventing malware as a whole. Technology and training are key. We will take  care of both. A few minutes of your time can put you on the right path to ending killware, and malware for that matter.

Tools used by billions world wide can mitigate killware as a threat.

It would be impossible and illogical to name all the tools we use to protect your systems. These are only a few tools that we use to protect your data. The amount and type of required tools for ending/mitigating malware (e.g., killware, ransomware, virus, worm, etc.) will be dependent on the criticality of your information systems. We have those tools.