Cyber Security

Welcome to WeCcode Cyber Security Blog. We will discuss the latest security trends, high risk environments, or any other cybersecurity related topic. Since many people have started working from home, WeCcode believes it is important to educate people and organizations in protecting their environments. The most important, and first, skill when it comes to cybersecurity is to understand that NOTHING is 100 percent secure. Second, postquantum encryption has been available for years. Without getting into the near impossibility (or incomprehensibility) of creating a prime factorization formula/function for numbers larger than 2048 bits or brute forcing an algorithm that has exponentially more combinations than atoms in the universe, people need to be aware of security. Our hope is that both decision makers and employees protect their business environment while working remotely. As IT Consultants, we know the cost companies incur to protect their networks. However, most employees working from home have a basic ISP modem/router/firewall with the default password when accessing company data. Simply put, compliance failure is absolute. In addition, all company information is exposed. We will cover security from the aspect of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). If you have any questions or would like for one of our WeCcode engineers to discuss a certain topic, email:

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