Asset Protection

Physical Access To Your Information Systems Is One Of The Best Options For Hackers.

Secure Hardware

No one without proper permissions should have physical access to an organization’s information systems. Compliance requires it. Proper security mandates it. We have secured information in combat zones, locations impacted by disasters, pandemics/epidemics. Also, we secure hardware for various industries that require compliance, such as medical, financial, legal, etc. Contact us. We will be happy to protect your environment from bad actors.

Always Be Compliant

It is true that a piece of paper or digital document cannot stop a criminal from physical breaking in. However, policies are required when companies are trying to be compliant.

Secure Hardware First

Gates, card readers, locks, cameras, pin pads, push-button access, printing control systems, lights, obscurity, and more are required for protecting the physical location of information systems.

Software Are Cyber Assets That Require Protecting!

Electronic health records, practice management systems, financial accounting software, legal software, payment gateways, etc. should, require multifactor authentication. For example, Levels 2 and higher of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 requires multifactor authentication when remotely accessing equipment containing controlled unclassified information (CUI). Of course, many other standards, regulations, rules, and laws require the protection of cyber assets.

Cyber Security
We Are Always Ready

Monitoring Assets

Real-time monitoring and alerting are two of many criteria for properly protecting a company’s assets. Our team helps you protect your company’s assets.


Ready To Secure Your Assets?

We are available to discuss the protection of your assets.
Protect your assets

with the best tools the industry has to offer.

There is no specific brand that we can recommend because there are many layers to secure an environment. However, there are specific security tools that are better than others at protecting their respective environments. We continuously put those tools to the test.

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