Still Struggling With Managing Tapes, Disks or Hard Drives For Your System And Data Backups?

Not Sure If You Even Have A Backup At All? Terrified What Will Happen If You Get A Virus Or Breach?
Put Those Concerns To Rest With A Cloud Backup Solution From WeCcode.

Why Do I Need Cloud Backup?

Studies show that a critical data loss can have a devastating impact on a small business. In fact, Gartner Inc. estimated that 43% of small businesses never re-open following a major data loss. Ransomware, malware, human error, employee malice, hardware failure, or natural disasters are just a few of the possibilities that can result in a shutdown of your business. An important component to your business continuity or disaster recovery strategy is the capability to back up and store your critical data to a secure offsite location, allowing you to retrieve it from any Internet-connected device should your organization experience a business interruption, catastrophic failure or the inability to access your place of business.

Isn't All My Data Already In the Cloud?

Cloud service providers such as Office365, G-Suite, or SaaS programs are not immune to failure, human error, or even malicious hackers. We provide backup solutions for those providers and more.

Is It Secure?

Our Cloud storage partners are ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA AND FRCP compliant. This means that we securely encrypt your data before it leaves your premises and back it up automatically to Cloud data centers, which provide redundancy and security to the lifeblood of your business. Those data centers have appropriate sets of required physical, administrative, and technical controls to ensure that no breaches occur.

How Do I Recover My Data?

When necessary, restoring files securely over the Internet takes just a few mouse clicks. More advanced recovery solutions include the ability to run a virtual server either on- premise or in the Cloud when needed in case of server failure or natural disaster.

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